Introducing FlyByFriends!

FlyByFriends started as a result of Saggezza’s first annual Shark Tank competition in which many groups of people within the company pitch ideas to the leadership team in the hopes of being chosen for funding. The team wanted to create an application that would show off their core design skills, front end web app development abilities, and innovative minds. FlyByFriends received funding from Saggezza and the team was able to proceed.

The application is a fun way for anyone with a Facebook account to see where their friends are located. The user simply logs in with their Facebook credentials and then they are ready to travel the world! Using a custom algorithm, FlyByFriends creates unique routes from friend to friend based on the parameters set by the user. Once logged in, the user can view stats about their routes and all routes made through the app. Share the app with friends to see routes they have saved, and compete to earn the most badges.

FlyByFriends’ visuals were created and realised by our talented designers and developers using D3.js in an AngularJS framework. Check back next week for an in-depth look at the technologies used, and in the future for a case study on the ideation and design.

Now take a trip around the world, and don’t forget to invite your friends!


Written by Kim

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