The Saggezza Interactive team consists of designers and developers with backgrounds as diverse as the work we create. Each contributor on this site provides their own unique take on real-world, user-centric design. From the highly technical to the overtly creative, we are united by the belief that the user, above all else, is paramount. Feel free to check out our thoughts, musings, rambles and lessons learned. We are always looking for other creatives to join the community – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Blog Contributors

The following people contribute to the Saggezza Interactive Blog:


Addicted to Tech. Food Connoisseur. Ruby Wrangler. Wine Dabbler. Logical. Summer Lover.


Passionate Coder. Skate/Snow Border. Skydiving Break Dancer. Master Lock Picker. Street Bike Riding Father.


Record Spinner. Music Maker. Vintage Moped Aficionado. Movie Montage Enthusiast. Motion Sense Gamer.


Taurus. Creative. Neat Freak. Little Monster. Shopping Addict. Watermelon Lover.


Cricket Lover. Astronomy Enthusiast. Music Addict. Can Starve For A Day. Hates Shopping. Leo.


The Casual Gamer. Loves Tweety. Little Candle Collector. Sweet Tooth. Music Junkie. Rollerblading Fanatic.


Hummus Lover. Ski Bunny. Pixle Perfect Freak. Picky. World Traveler. Sun Lover.


Soul Singer. Melody Writer. Crystal Collector. Retro. RPG Gamer. Moped Cruiser. Yoga Obsessed. Dreamer.


Rotary Enthusiast. Bears Fanatic. Gamer. Seinfeld Aficionado. Sushi Lover.

Richard A.

Old School. The Smiths and Radiohead. O’Conner and Garcia Marquez. La Colombre, Traveling, and always learning.


Team Player. Problem Solver. Gamer. Movie Lover. Chicago Sports Teams 5ever. Pizza Is The Best.


Typography Enthusiast To The Core. Part-Time Tea Aficionado. Lover Of All Things Colorful. Prolific Pinner. Yogi & Peacemaker.


Designer. Crafter. Charcuterie Addict. Sugar Cookie Artist. Ophidiophobic. Candy Fanatic.


Designer/Maker, Dark Chocolate Glutton, Meditator, Space Enthusiast, The Office Fanatic


Iced coffee year round. Love wandering. Finally a city dweller. Hates bacon. Practical

Richard M.

Bruce Lee wannabe. Never stop learning-coder. Tech nerd. Ball Is Life. Competitor. Human Curious George.